Writing Samples | Meaghan Messler
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Featured on the Constant Contact blog. Wondering what trends your customers are following right now? Trying to point your products or services in a new direction and want an idea of how your customers will react? You can find out right now simply by asking, through a

Featured on the Constant Contact blog. In August 2017, Facebook implemented a feature to allow Facebook users to create fundraisers for their favorite causes. In the first year alone, this feature raised over $300 million dollars for nonprofits. More than 750,000 eligible organizations use Facebook, from

Featured on the Constant Contact blog. Graphic design is critical to any business, but especially for those just starting to build brand awareness, and make their first impressions with customers. It’s important to present your business in the best possible light, and the first step to doing

Featured on the Constant Contact blog. Don't reinvent the wheel! Use these highly effective and successful event marketing examples to inspire your next campaign. How important is event marketing? According to PwC, the second largest professional services firm in the world, roughly $108 billion is spent on