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Testmonial-Scott Smigler

Thank you for all of your great work. You’re extremely talented and a pleasure to work with, and I’ve worked with a lot of design professionals over the past 22 years. I appreciate the creativity in your designs and how you see the full picture, aligning brand, user experience, and conversion objectives.

Scott Smigler


Testmonial-Mike Abbott

Meaghan’s attention to detail is excellent. I found her to be reliable and creditable and would highly recommend her.

Mike Abbott

VP Operations, The Claflin Companies | Healthcare Tech

Testmonial-Andrew Shalhoub

Meaghan is a talented and very detail-oriented design professional. I worked with her on numerous projects such as newsletters, brochures and presentations. She provided quick and thoughtful design solutions, and even did excellent proofreading. She was able to work independently, take ownership of projects, and maintain good communication with our clients, which was especially invaluable.

Andrew Shalhoub

Senior Graphic Designer, Northwestern Mutual | Finance

Testmonial-Sean Sullivan

I had the privilege of working with Meaghan as copywriter on high-profile email projects involving many stakeholders across the company. We had never worked together before — nor did we even work of out of the same office — but the results were outstanding thanks to Meaghan’s creativity, flexibility, and technical skills. What’s more, her great attitude and friendliness made collaborating a pleasure. Would love to work with Meaghan again in the future!

Sean Sullivan

Copywriter, Endurance | Tech

Testmonial-Prasanna Dhungel

We enjoyed working with Meaghan – would love to continue to collaborate with her as she has done a very good job.

Prasanna Dhungel

CEO, GrowByData | SaaS/Tech

Testmonial-Anthony Coletta


I had the opportunity to have Meaghan in my classes while she was pursuing her degree in Multimedia at New England Institute of Technology. Meaghan showed considerable skills in coding, animation and design. Her insight, contributions to class discussions and helping her peers was tremendous.

Anthony Coletta

Instructor, NEIT

Testmonial-Sonia Caltvedt

We were very happy with you, Meaghan. We felt that you did a fantastic job of interpreting our brand and setting our creative direction.

Sonia Caltvedt

Director of Marketing, Holy Names University | Agency

Testmonial-Kirk McDonald

I shared a workspace with Meaghan at Kohl’s, and she amazed me with her knowledge of everything–from computer programs to world events. She was always willing and able to help new employees (including me) navigate the organizational structure of Kohl’s. She was awesome under pressure, maintaining her “cool” even when others were rattled. There are so many roles in which I can see her being successful.

Kirk McDonald

Copywriter, Kohl's | Retail

Testmonial-Robin Mosey

Meaghan is detail-oriented and well-equipped to handle complex design. Meaghan has a good eye for design and will make sure you and your marketing materials make a good impression.

Robin Mosey

Project Management & Communications Mgr, Northwestern Mutual | Finance

Testmonial-Elli Plihcik


You’re a breath of fresh air. So happy to be working with you!

Elli Plihcik

Marketing Operations Director, DCU | Finance