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Creator. Deadline saver. Animal lover. Fastest designer in the east (or west).

I’m a senior-level designer with a T-shaped skill profile in the Greater Boston area.

A lot of people ask me what I’m looking for next, and ideally my answer is:
an ethical, socially responsible company with a great, collaborative team. I love to work with good people on meaningful projects.

Want to connect?

Tell me why your team is great, or download my resume. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Designer specs.

I’m an experienced designer with a passion for context and the end-user experience. I deliver high-performance, fast results without sacrificing quality to get the job done. I adapt quickly to changes, have extensive integrated campaign experience, and speak fluent “coder/developer”. My background in game development tech allows me to have a unique perspective on process optimization.

In 2013, I was employed as a print designer sitting in an office in downtown Milwaukee teaching myself to code emails on my lunch break so I could help out our short-staffed team. Another designer asked what I was doing. When I explained, he asked “Why?” He had had never worked on anything digital – ever.

Back then, I didn’t know how to answer. But today, the “why” isn’t that hard: I’m an avid believer in lifelong learning. I believe in the same principles for my team and coworkers, and I strive to make sure no one’s skills get left behind whenever possible.


From kick-off to go-live, I want to know the context of what we’re creating. Where will it live? Who will see it? And most importantly, what do we want them to do?

We should always be able to tell a cohesive, enjoyable story throughout the customer’s experience. When we can reach out and be a part of their lives in the moment, such as sending an email about a snow day shopping event to a demographic that was just struck by a blizzard, that can be an especially interesting campaign.

Sometimes knowing the context of where a design will live makes all the difference. For instance, in 2018 I was tasked with creating an ad campaign. If I hadn’t asked a critical question about context, our ad spend would have most likely been wasted by placing our white logo on a white page. As a result, I adjusted my approach and we came up with a very successful ad campaign.

When I worked for CVS, it was very important to know who would be seeing your designs because we were often advertising to customers with processing issues, poor vision, or no vision at all. While this is always important to be sensitive to, it was especially critical in this role.

Finally, it’s important to know what the end goal is. Is it to drive clicks? Drive awareness? Purchases? Are we marketing to the wrong people?

In 2016, I triple-checked a client’s desired outcome when they tried to create a merchandise-oriented value-add email campaign – by marketing to a huge target segment that included memorial websites for deceased family members, including children. Various teams had seen and approved this project plan, but no one had actually noticed that the data hadn’t been validated or analyzed. Context matters.

Quirks, or features?

Some of my non-work related hobbies include writing, crafting, squirrel appreciation, and watching movies. I’m into almost anything related to cooking, true crime, or the paranormal.

Other things about me:

  • I love putting Ikea furniture together.
  • My sense of humor is meme-centric and I love #awkward hashtags.
  • I have a very eclectic taste in music.
  • I love watching Youtube tutorials for stuff I’ll probably never do, including extremely stylized baking, carpentry, high-fashion makeup looks, and resin work.
  • I’m teaching myself American Sign Language and Spanish. #ThanksYoutube
  • I have a thing about cheesy fortunes from fortune cookies.

I’ll most likely mention my pets at some point, so let’s get out of the way – I have a pack of ferrets and a big black lab. What’s owning a ferret like? I’d compare it to having a very tiny toddler, who is constantly bouncing off the walls– so it’s safe to say I’m great at chasing cats ferrets in multiple directions, multi-tasking, and problem solving.



Senior Designer
Private Company

Lead Designer/Owner
North Star Creative

Pro-bono Social Media Manager
Ferret Association of Connecticut


Senior Designer
Private Agency

Senior Designer

Lead Designer/ACD
AP Intego

Senior Designer/Art Director
Endurance International Group

Content Contributor
Constant Contact, Domain.com

Senior Designer/Art Director
CVS Health

Lead Designer

Digital Designer

Digital Designer
Buyseasons, Inc.

Graphic Designer
Northwestern Mutual

Sharepoint Project Administrator
Case New Holland

Ecommerce Manager
The Claflin Companies

Product Owner
The Claflin Companies

Personal Care Assistant
Allied Community Resources

Education & Certifications

Associate in Computer Science
New England Institute of Technology

Programming & Game Design Coursework
New England Institute of Technology

In Progress:

AdWords Certification

Inbound & Content Marketing Certification


Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe DreamWeaver

Adobe After Effects

Adobe XD

Adobe Acrobat






Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint




Final Cut Pro

G Suite


Operating Systems:

Mac OS

Windows OS

Additional Skills



Email Marketing

CX/UX/UI Design

Accessible Design (Visual & Sight-Impaired)

User Research & Testing

Brand Guides

Logo Design

Content Development


Social Media


Responsive Design

Print Design

Print Shop – Trade Show & In-store Signage

Stock/Photography Selection


Client Relationships

Vendor Relationships

Project Management


Programming Logic (C++)

Database Management (SQL & Magento)

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting & Repair

IT Systems & Software

Content Management Systems